Welcome to the Very Short Film Festival Australia

Celebrating the craft of filmmaking and storytelling, the Very Short Film Festival (VSFF) is a vibrant showcase of Australia’s creative talents. We champion the diverse, rich, and innovative voices of filmmakers across the country.  Our 2024 signature is, ‘spark’. 

While our official competition submissions have closed, following a fantastic launch with the top 12 finalist films premiering in Hobart, the excitement continues. Join us on tour starting in Newcastle! Experience these remarkable short films, each under five minutes, crafted by storytellers of all ages and backgrounds.

Tickets are limited – secure your spot today. 

VSFF 2024 Winners

🌟 Announcing the VSFF winners!

The Very Short Film Festival premiere screening event at the State Cinema showcased remarkable talent from across the nation. Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 competition—each film a testament to the vision and skill of its creators. 🌟

Click here to see this year’s champions!

Exciting news! VSFF On Tour

Join us in Newcastle!

Exciting News! The Very Short Film Festival is going on tour! 🚀 After a sell-out launch in Tasmania, we’re thrilled to bring the magic to the mainland, starting with Newcastle. 🌟

Experience the magic of the Very Short Film Festival on Saturday, July 13th at the Playhouse, CIVIC Theatre. Don’t miss the finalist films of 2024 and an engaging Q&A session with the filmmakers.

🌟 Come along and connect with the NSW VSFF  community — See you there!

How It Works

Get creative

Think up a story with a meaning – include the VSFF annual signature 'spark'

Shoot the film

Grab a camera or your phone and shoot a 5 minute film tops

Submit your film

Enter for free in the Open or Junior category here

Join the festival

Finalists will be flown to the premiere launch in Tasmania on 31 May 2024

Are you a budding filmmaker or storyteller?

Watch our short trailer featuring students in action with this fun, short, 1-minute promo. 

Best of Very Short Film Festival Films