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Welcome to the Very Short Film Festival Australia

The Very Short Film Festival (VSFF) celebrates Australian stories, showcasing diverse voices that reflect contemporary culture from across the country.

Open to storytellers and filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds, we invite films under five minutes to premiere exclusively at VSFF. This is your chance to inspire, challenge, and captivate audiences in Australia and beyond. We believe even the shortest film can make a big impact. VSFF has become a beacon for new and emerging talent, nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.

Stay tuned for the 2025 signature theme announcement and submission dates!

Welcome to the Very Short Film Festival Australia

Harrison Warne filming In My Bones
VSFF 2024 Winners

🌟 Celebrating the VSFF 2024 Finalists

See the VSFF 2024 finalists and winners as chosen by our judging panel. Watch their films, enjoy short interviews, and discover what inspired these talented filmmakers.

 🌟Click here to view the 2024 winning films!

How It Works

Get creative

Think up a story with a meaning – include the VSFF annual signature

Shoot your film

Grab a camera or your phone and shoot a film between 2 to 5 minutes

Submit your film

Enter for free in the Open or Junior category

Join the festival

Finalists will be flown to the premiere screening event

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