1. VSFF Official Competition

The Very Short Film Festival (VSFF) is an Australian short film competition designed to showcase Australian stories, inviting filmmakers to submit short films. Films must be between 2 to 5 minutes in duration, including credits. 

Your short film can be about anything – it’s up to you. We’re on the lookout for stories that come straight from the heart, ones that convey a message about life, our world, or transport us to entirely new realms. Stories that spark inspiration, enlighten us, or ignite a desire to challenge and effect change. We believe in the power of film to not just entertain, but to move and inspire, to drive and spark action. This is your chance to share your unique perspective with the world.
We don’t want to influence your storytelling, but just ask that there’s a reference to our 2024 signature ‘spark’ somewhere in your film – how you choose to do that is totally your call.

Think of it as a creative touch that every filmmaker participating in the festival will incorporate into their films. While the films can tell any story, the signature serves as a unifying thread, ensuring that everyone has the same timeframe to work within. Whether it’s a visual element, a clever metaphor, a captivating line of dialogue or any other inventive means. 2024’s designated signature is ‘spark’. Remember, ‘spark’ is meant to inspire, not dictate, the theme of your film.

No, it’s free, we don’t charge an entry fee.

Yes, all genres are welcome! Whether you want to create a drama, comedy, documentary, animation, or anything in between, we accept them all.

Any Australian resident, regardless of filmmaking experience, can join. If you’re under 18, please ensure you have parental or guardian consent to enter.

The festival offers two categories based on age;
Junior: For those who are 18 years old and under or are still attending high school.
Open: For those who are 19 years old and above.

Students can enter in the Junior category. This is designed for primary and high school students and can be entered as an individual, a class, or a school.

The ten finalists will receive:

  • A mentorship session with industry professionals.
  • Screening of their film at the Premiere Event on May 31, 2024, in Tasmania.
  • Domestic airfare and accommodation to Tasmania for finalists based in Australia (covering one person per film submission).
  • Additionally, the six winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both categories) will receive cash prizes to the value of $5200.

We do not have a specific rating prerequisite, but please bear in mind that finalist films will be viewed by both a live and virtual audience, which may include children. It’s important to use discretion and consider what judges and viewers of all ages may appreciate. Regarding content, we have no strict rules against swearing, understanding that it may be a natural part of a character’s tone of voice. However, we advise being cautious if it becomes excessive or if it feels gratuitous rather than contributing to the character’s development. We encourage storytelling that fosters inclusivity and respect for all individuals. Be mindful of how you treat sensitive topics such as human rights, racism or homophobia.

2. Film Submissions

Sunday 7 April 2024 at 11:59pm

Film file size to be 2GB max.

The following technical specs are recommended for film submissions: 

Format H264, either as an .mp4 or .mov (QT), 1280×720 25fps
Stereo AAC
Audio Data Rate limited to 5000kbp Width & Height – 1280×720 Frame Rate – 25
Field Order – Progressive Aspect – Square Pixels

Audio Codec – AAC
Sample Rate – 48000Hz
Channels – Stereo
Sample Size 24 bit
Audio Track Layout – 1 Stereo Pairs Bitrate Settings – 192 KBP.

How to upload your film 

  1. Upload your film on Dropbox. If you don’t already have an account, you can easily sign up for free at
    Log in to your Dropbox account and click on “Upload.”
  2. Select your film file from your computer. Be sure to use the film’s title as the file name.
  3. Right-click on the film file, then select “Share.”
  4. In the sharing dialog box, click “Create a link” (or “Copy link” depending on your version).
  5. Provide this link in the submission form.
  6. Before finalising your submission, please paste the link into a new browser window to ensure it works correctly.

To be eligible for entry, you must either be an Australian resident or an Australian living overseas. Films must be original creations specifically made for VSFF and have not publicly screened, broadcast, or featured online. Adhering to the VSFF guidelines is crucial. See terms & Conditions, for comprehensive details. Refer to the film submission form for submission guidelines. 

The submission form will guide you through the necessary information. This will involve providing a synopsis of your film and explaining how you’ve integrated the signature, ‘spark’. Additionally, include a brief bio of yourself, filmmaking journey with a photo.

No, you retain the rights to your film. By submitting to VSFF, you grant us the rights to broadcast and promote the film on our platforms.

Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring all copyright in their film is cleared for all the uses described in these Terms & Conditions.

Films submitted in languages other than English must include English subtitles.

While we encourage one entry per filmmaker to ensure fairness, we understand that you may be a collaborator working with a team on another film. In such cases, exceptions can be made. Each film may be entered in either the Junior or Open category but not both.

Absolutely. We encourage schools to get involved and enter classes or groups as a whole.

In the Junior category, the filmmaker may receive some support from individuals (such as parents or guardians) who are over 19 years old.

Yes, talent in your film can be of any age, even if you’re entering the junior category.

3. VSFF Finalists and Premiere Launch Event

VSFF’s 2024 Premiere Launch event will be on 31 May 2024 in Tasmania.

Finalists will be announced by May 14, 2024. There will be ten finalists chosen. They will receive notification via both email and phone. Finalists will be provided with airfare to Tasmania, along with accommodation, for the Premiere screening launch event. On the night of the event, judges will determine the winners in each category.

The judging panel thoroughly evaluates all aspects of the filmmaking process such as themes, storytelling, creativity, character development, cinematography, editing, sound design. We are an inclusive festival and we encourage budding and aspiring filmmakers to submit entries.

Films submitted must be original creations specifically produced for VSFF. These films should not have been previously broadcast, either publicly or online. Participants will be notified whether they are finalists for the VSFF 2024 through email and social media on May 14, 2024. If selected as a finalist, their films must not be aired or shown on any other platforms or events until after their official premiere at the festival, scheduled for May 31, 2024.

We request that you wait until the finalists are announced. If your film is selected as a finalist, it will be screened for the first time at the launch event. If your film doesn’t make it to the finalist stage, you are welcome to showcase it as you see fit. Finalists will be announced on May 14th. If you are a finalist, you are not to air your film until after the event.

VSFF will cover the flight for one person to travel to Tasmania.

Absolutely! The festival will be open to the general public. Winners will be announced on Friday, May 31, 2024.

We greatly appreciate the valuable time and expertise generously provided by our judges, who offer their services on a voluntary basis. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of our non-profit organisation, we are unable to offer a feedback service at this time.

The People’s Choice Awards are special accolades determined by the public in both the open and junior categories. After the premiere event launch, the voting will open online and the publican watch and vote for their favourite film from the semi-finalists selected by the jury. The film with the highest number of votes will be bestowed with the People’s Choice Awards.

4. Contact

Very Short Film festival is presented by Artology, an independent Australian arts non-profit. Our projects provide opportunities for all types of artists to develop and produce their own creative work, collaborate and partner with others to learn new skills through mentorships with industry leaders.

Send us an email at or phone (02) 8007 7322.
See here for full Terms & Conditions.