2024 Filmmakers: Celebrating excellence at the Very Short Film Festival

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2024 Very Short Film Festival. Congratulations to these standout films that have captivated audiences and judges alike. Each entry reflects the passion, creativity, and unique vision of its filmmaker, making this year’s competition truly unforgettable.

2024 Open Category

First Place

Kea Gargiulo : Shkëndijë

Shkëndijë – Two strangers exchange a conversation in a cinema lobby, connections are made but awkwardness follows.

Second Place

Grace Quealy : the Something

The woman needs to do the dishes but her brain is broken so she waits for The Something, the spark, the chemical shift in her brain that will allow her to pick up the scrubbing brush and return to her life.

Third Place:

Jane Hamilton-Foster : Loop

A woman stuck; lost her spark; her neuro-divergence has been a difficult revelation; if only she had an opportunity to stop and discover everything she missed, perhaps then; happiness.

Runner up:

Kylie Skinner : Formal Take Two

In this exploration of rites of passage, inclusion, and belonging, four film students reflect on their high school and formal experiences as people with disability, culminating in the chance to redo their formal dance experience.

Runner up:

Ella Demarchi : Remember Me

A young girl learns Italian in a last attempt to communicate to her Nonno who is suffering from dementia.

Runner up:

Maru Collective : Steamed Custard Eggs

While remembering my mother, I decided to make her steamed egg custard recipe.

Runner up:

Kaelyn Ward : Uprooted

A Sunday afternoon seems like any other until Charlotte digs a little close to Grandma’s buried secrets. When she starts to piece it all together will she run away or help hide the evidence. “Spark” has been incorporated into the film throughout the dialogue. “Sparky” being the dog’s name and “Bright Spark” being one of the flowers ‘Charlotte’ plants in the garden.

2024 Junior Category

First Place:

Stella & Ruby Kurzel : JACHELT

JACHELT, meaning wind bent trees, is a short horror film following a young girl living on Bruny Island. She begins her day doing chores around her house, and then goes to the beach by herself to celebrate her birthday. We incorporated the theme ‘spark’, through the girl lighting a sparkler for her birthday as she walks along the beach. She then comes across this unnatural massacre of birds, and sees a strange figure. The rest of the film follows her own fear of this figure and the ominous landscape around her.

Still from VSFF second place winner, Kinetic Connection by Hayden Best

Second Place:

Hayden Best : Kinetic Connection

A spark of friendship between two robots as they grow old together

Third Place:

Adi Bocman & Asher Vogel : Amor Fati

Do you believe in Karma? Fate? That things happen for a reason. The piece ‘Amor Fati’ is about exactly that, an ordinary happy teenage girl suddenly finds herself cursed. After a horrifying day she retraces her choices in the past, will she find the source of the start of her problems or will she be forever destined for bad days, only life can tell… The use of a sparkler in the last scene represents the choice she made to go off one path and into another, sparklers represent joy, celebration, and rebirth. Yes, bad things happen, but that can be a good thing, ‘Amor Fati’, you need bad things to happen to appreciate the good ones and in order to make you who you are today.

Runner up:

Jake McCormack : Change - A True Story

A true story about going through life during parental divorce and the importance of embracing change. In this short film documentary, we follow the journey of a young teenager, Jake, whose life initially seems perfect, but is turned upside down by his parents’ news of their separation. As time passes, Jake learns to navigate the complexities of his new reality, including two new homes and his parents finding new partners. The film culminates in a poignant moment of realisation as Jake reflects on the transient nature of life and the importance of embracing change. This film encapsulates the universal truth that while life may be unpredictable and chaotic, it is also filled with moments of beauty, growth, and sparks of unexpected joy.

Runner up:

Aquinnah McKendrick, Daisy Belle Adams & Billie Chatto : Fourteen

Fourteen is about a girl called Luna. Her family died in a car crash on her thirteenth birthday. Luna struggles through trauma and flashbacks throughout the film, adding emotion to the plot. The theme ‘Spark’ was used as the representation of her birthday and the lighting of the candle in the film. They love the process and creations, and particularly enjoyed exploring the idea and theme behind Fourteen. Fourteen was made in collaboration. Whilst specific roles were chosen, this remained fluid throughout the production according to what was needed at the time, people being away, and a general sharing of skill development and peer teaching and learning.

Audience award:

Kea Gargiulo : Shkëndijë

Shkëndijë – Two strangers exchange a conversation in a cinema lobby, connections are made but awkwardness follows.

The Very Short Film Festival’s judging process ensures its integrity and impartiality by strictly excluding judges from evaluating entries with which they have conflicts of interest.

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