About the Very Short Film Festival

The VSFF warmly welcomes filmmakers from across Australia, with no entry fees, in our commitment to accessibility and creativity.  The official competition is divided into two categories: Open, for individuals aged 19 and over, and Junior, for the younger storytellers of primary and high school students under 18.

Participants are invited to create short films lasting between 2 to 5 minutes, each incorporating the 2024 signature theme, ‘spark.’ This signature serves as a beacon of creativity, offering filmmakers the freedom to integrate it into their narratives in any manner they choose.

While submissions for this year have now closed, the excitement at VSFF continues as we look forward to showcasing these stories, at our premiere screening event. It’s a celebration of the diverse and dynamic storytelling talent found across Australia, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Here’s how it works: the Basics

  • VSFF with no entry fees, is open to everyone,
  • We’re a film festival celebrating contemporary Australian stories, so in order to be eligible you must be an Australian resident.
  • Films must be tops 5 minutes and be created for the VSFF, featuring the 2024 signature: ‘Spark’. 
  • Two categories for entry: Open for 19 years and over and Junior for under 18 years or attending high school. 
  • Finalist’s will have their films screened at the Very Short Film Festival Premiere Launch event on 31 May 2024 followed by an awards ceremony. 

Key Dates

Celebrating Success: Prizes and awards granted to ten finalists

  • Receive mentorship from Australian film industry icons and professionals 
  • Flights and accommodation to attend the Premiere Launch Event in Tasmania 
  • Experience the thrill of premiering your film to both a live audience and online audience
  • Finalists are met with accolades and winners receive cash prizes.

Explore our FAQs for a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know to join the Very Short Film Festival.