Official Competition

Welcome to the Very Short Film Festival (VSFF), where Australian storytellers share their stories with the world through short films. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding filmmaker poised for discovery, VSFF provides the platform for self-expression. We welcome all genres, celebrating bold narratives that challenge, enlighten, or stir emotions. These stories serve as vessels for driving social change. Remember, even the shortest film can make a big impact!

About the Very Short Film Festival

The Very Short Film Festival’s Official Competition is open to all Australians, and there are no entry fees. There are two categories: Open (19 years and over) or Junior (18 years and under) for primary and high school students.

Films must run between 2 to 5 minutes and include the 2024 signature, ‘spark.’ This signature is a creative touch to weave into your film, whether it’s a visual element, a clever metaphor, or a captivating line of dialogue. It’s not intended to be your film’s concept but merely an identifier for your VSFF creation, ready to be unveiled to the world. Share any story you like, just infuse it with a touch of ‘spark.’ 

Mark your calendars! Film submissions wrap up on Sunday, 7 April 2024, with the Premiere Launch unfolding on Friday 31 May 2024.

Here’s how it works: the Basics

  • Entry is free! VSFF’s Official Competition is open and the 2024 signature is ‘spark’. 
  • We’re a film festival celebrating contemporary Australian stories, so in order to be eligible you must be an Australian resident.
  • Films must be between 2 to 5 minutes and be  created for the VSFF. 
  • Two categories for entry: Open for 19 years and over and Junior for under 18 years or still attending high school. 
  • Finalist’s will have their films screened at the Very Short Film Festival Premiere Launch event on 31 May 2024.

Key Dates

Celebrating Success: Prizes and awards granted to ten finalists

  • Receive mentorship from Australian film industry icons and professionals 
  • Flights and accommodation to attend the Premiere Launch Event in Tasmania 
  • Experience the thrill of premiering your film to both a live audience and online audience
  • Finalists are met with accolades and winners receive cash prizes.

Explore our FAQs for a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know to join the Very Short Film Festival.