Filmmaking Competition for School Students

Empower Students Through Filmmaking!

Enter your school, students or young creatives in the Very Short Film Festival official competition, where budding filmmakers and storytellers discover their unique voices. With a dedicated junior category, we invite high school and primary students to delve into the art of filmmaking.

Films are kept within a 2 to 5-minute timeframe and can be captured using a camera or even a phone. Films can be made independently or as a collaboration with friends or school groups. Entry is free and everyone is welcome to enter. We embrace all genres and we’re eager to hear the powerful voices of Australia’s young talents. 

Stay tuned for the 2025 signature theme announcement and submission dates!

Behind The Scenes: Young Filmmakers

Experience the spirit of the Very Short Film Festival in this fun, short, 1-minute trailer, featuring young filmmakers.

Important Highlights

Charli Kemper's, 'The Good, The Bad, and The Library'.

Download Our Brochure

Here’s a flyer you can easily print and share at your school to inform fellow students and teachers about the festival.

Meet Our Past Finalists

Dylan Burrows, VSFF 2023 Junior competition winner

Dylan Burrows

VSFF Winner 2023 for his film “The Polish Nut”

“I’ve always wanted to tell a family fable that was passed down to my father, then to me… and thought it would be the perfect story to share for this awesome film festival. Seeing my film on a big screen for the first time was an amazing experience! And winning at the VSFF feels surreal, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

VSFF 2022 Junior Competition winners Jahvis Loveday and Joy Ben Hur

Jahvis Loveday & Joy Ben Hur

VSFF Winner 2022 for their film “Home”

“Being a part of the Very Short Film Festival was truly a dream from beginning to end. The energy of everyone involved made us feel like we had won before we had even received any award. So grateful to the amazing team involved for nurturing young filmmakers and amplifying diverse stories that need to be told. We left feeling truly inspired.”

Watch and Be Inspired by Our Past Winning Films

Winner 2023

“The Polish Nut” by Dylan Burrows

Winner 2022

“Home” by Jahvis Loveday & Joy Ben Hur

Winner 2021

"Sweet Dreams" by Olivia

Grab a Camera, Friends and Make a Film

Get creative

Think up a story with a meaning – include the VSFF annual signature

Shoot the film

Grab a camera or your phone and shoot a 2 to 5 minute film

Submit your film

Enter for free in the Junior category

Join the festival

Finalists will be flown to the premiere screening event