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One week to go!

Hello Very Short Film Friends, Only one week to go to submit your very short film. Nothing like a short deadline! The creative process is fascinating, fun and food for life – no matter what genre. The Festival grew out of these new times we are living in and adapting to. It gives people – young and not so young – a chance to be creative in a way where anyone can tell stories and present them to the world. We don’t mind where you live, whether you’ve ever made a film before and we especially encourage low budget projects. Entries close Friday 23 April 2021.  Leah Purcell, one of Australia’s most eminent cultural figures, is a Very Short Film Festival judge. She, along with our other judges Marta Dusseldorp, Leta Keens and Rocco Fazzari, will share their knowledge at a mentor session with the selected filmmakers for 2021. Using the 2021 signature, Tasmania, in your film This year we ask entrants to incorporate a signature item or action into their film. The 2021 signature is ‘Tasmania’ – how you choose to sneak that into your film is entirely up to you (a map, a book, a line or any other way you can think of). You don’t need to make a whole film about Tasmania, although you can if you want to. The Tasmania signature can be any word or image that alludes to Tassie – it’s just our sneaky way of making sure you made your film specially for the 2021 Very Short Film Festival.