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Explore the standout finalist and semi-finalist films that earned their spot at the VSFF People’s Choice Awards, captivating voters and audiences alike. Enjoy these captivating stories and be inspired by the exceptional talent from the VSFF 2023 film entries.

Open Category


Zoe Harvey (NSW)

Winner of People’s Choice Awards Open category

An 11-year-old discovers solace in alcohol as he copes with the pain of his parents’ troubled relationship.


Alex Thomson & James Cameron (VIC)

Two brothers attempt to compose a heartfelt text message…


Alison Stanton-Cook (TAS)

ROE follows teacher Jenna as she struggles under the pressure of creating boundaries with her students. This coincides with incidences of family issues and mental health crises in the students under her care.

Delivery Please

Caitlin Lopez & Justice Brooks (NSW)

Delivery Please is a short film that deals with domestic violence. The call that Jenny makes isn’t to a seafood restaurant, but rather to emergency services. She must choose her words and tone wisely, as her abuser is in the next room.

In my Bones

Harrison Warne & Jack Breedon (QLD)

In my bones is a short featurette on Palaeontologist Adele Pentland. Adele lives a double life, spending most of her time on a large remote cattle station in Western Queensland, she occasionally goes to Winton (nearest town to her home, 130km away) where she works as a researcher at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum.

A Chip In Time

Jac Carey (SA)

When a young inventor chips her tooth she uses her untested time machine to attempt to change the past.


Jaimie Conlon & Rishi Le Hunte (NSW)

Food waste isn’t just scraps at the end of a meal, it’s the tonnes of food that never make it into shopping bags. Best Before is a timely portrait of the human consequences of a destructive society, and the power behind the act of giving.

Call Of The Void

Jasper Kennedy (TAS)

Call Of The Void follows the story of a disillusioned cook who contemplates what it would be like jump into a bottomless pit and fall for eternity, and how that would affect his sense of self.


Joshua ’Jin Tommo’ Thompson (VIC)

Sisters come together to spread their mothers ashes only to find old wounds haven’t healed.


Josephine Croft (VIC)

Jo comes home from work to find Liam, her deadbeat boyfriend, has swallowed her prototype microchip which isn’t ready for human consumption. To her surprise, the chip seems to have made some improvements and has maybe turned him into the perfect boyfriend… maybe.


Konaero Bonaero (Connor McGhie) (VIC)

A struggling violinist longs to be ‘held like those fish in the magazines’. The fish in question is a popular pianist playing sold out shows on the scene.

Dream Down Under

Lilantha Gunasekara (SA)

An untold chapter of the migrant dream.

Our Mob

Lliane Clarke (NSW)

Brenda Saunders’ Nan lived in a tiny workers cottage next to the boot factory near Redfern station. Perplexed by the twists and turns of family life, the ties that seemed to grow more complicated year by year, she learnt her Nan was part of the Stolen Generation, constantly looking for family members, with a tangle of knots too sad or too hard to undo.

The Universal Struggle

Miranda Sharpe (NSW)

This is a story of the universal struggle: Man vs remote. Who will win?

Dr. Madglass’ Busiest Day

Maru One (QLD)

It’s business as usual at Dr. Madglass’ lab.

A Cold One

Sam Tooker (TAS)

An 11-year-old discovers solace in alcohol as he copes with the pain of his parents’ troubled relationship.

A Chip Off The Old Block

Taylor Kezia (QLD)

Shows the relationship of a father, generationally passing down the passion for wood-chopping to his son and cultivating the talent for such a physically demanding sport.


Thomas Farnill (VIC)

On a winter afternoon, a troubled man speaks about the pile of firewood he has collected.

Deep Clean

Tim Williams, Luke J Morgan & Lewis Robert (VIC)

Joe, a dedicated cleaner, finds himself in a battle for his job when his routine is unexpectedly disrupted at the office he’s been cleaning for years.

Junior Category

What Did She Do

Will Thornton (QLD)

Winner of People’s Choice Awards Junior category

A dedicated investigator interrogates a boy that witnessed a crime scene.


Aiman Malik (SA)

Gardenia ventures into a mystical forest to heal the broken heart that beats in her pocket, straying away from the enchanted tree she calls home.


Ben Van Leen (WA)

A light comedy about two best chip friends coming to terms with their freedom, until it is cut short.

The Good, the Bad, and the Library

Charli Kemper (QLD)

A studious artist and a rebellious bookworm clash in a library, continuously attempting to out-irritate the other into leaving, all whilst evading the Librarian’s keen ear.

Left to Cool

Christopher Mansfield (NSW)

A story of what two cups and a teapot get up to when the people leave the room to allow the tea to cool.


Daniel Schafer (NSW)

A young student battles a world of imaginative distractions while striving to complete his homework.

The Polish Nut

Dylan Burrows (VIC)

The Polish Nut is a story that revolves around a boy’s routine visits to his Bubi’s house until a significant event alters their daily routine.

The Curious and Unlucky Case Of Margot Morris

Elise Nikkinen (NSW)

The Answers to Everything

Ella (WA)

A girl has set up a booth in the park, offering the answers to any question.

A Non-linear Exploration of the End

Julia Woods (TAS)

A mockumentary style comedy following a group of young queer time travellers, who come back to the 21st century to try to discover the reason for humanity’s decline.

Duck Face

Flora Feldman (VIC)

Climbing trees, scraped knees, Duck Face explores the push and pull of sisters on the very edge of childhood.


Lea Long (VIC)

A man in police uniform wake up in a dimly lit shed next to a dead woman in red dress, with hints suggesting the relation between this place and a infamous serial killer. He finds himself unable to escape and is forced to confront a ghostly woman that haunts him for his past.

Tangible Assets

Luca Yi (NSW)

‘Tangible Assets’ follows a neurotic, rabbit-like creature as they wander through a train station, learning to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Remember Me

Maia Weatherstone (QLD)

Rose, a 17-year-old girl, falls in love with teenager Milo through someone else’s memories by using a new chip-based technology. A turn of events reveals that Milo isn’t exactly who he appears to be through the screen.

Canned Laughter

Nick McGrory (NSW)

Small town boy deals with the passing of his grandfather and sole caretaker, as he goes through unfamiliar emotions of grief.

Good Intentions

Sam Davison (NSW)

A young woman mourns the death of her brother, as she goes to clean out his apartment with the help of his neighbour.


Summer Kelly (TAS)

A girl takes a tablet that shows how her decisions could affect her future.


Tashani Davidson Fuller (VIC)

In a dystopian world, a person trapped indoors tests the outdoor heat using uncooked chips. As the chips burn due to extreme temperatures, they become trapped indoors and experience a descent into madness.

The Uneventful Life of the Average Potato

Thomas Peel (VIC)

The journey of a potato from the ground to a plate.

A Better Life

Yael Green (TAS)

Paul seeks out a known fugitive in order to remove The Chip, a device created to control the civilians of District 6.