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Very Short Film Festival 2024 student filmmaking competition – trailer launch

VSFF still from trailer

The New Trailer: The VSFF Spirit

Have you seen our latest trailer yet? It’s a one-minute piece that perfectly encapsulates what VSFF is all about. This trailer is not just a sneak peek into our festival’s spirit but also a source of inspiration for budding filmmakers and storytellers.

Check out the fun and short trailer here.

Revamped Junior Category: Empowering Young Filmmakers

We’re excited to announce significant updates to our Junior Category, which now caters specifically to students under 18 or those enrolled in Australian schools. Whether you choose to participate individually or as part of a group or class project, we welcome all forms of storytelling.

Spark Your Imagination: A Creative Project for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to dive into creative projects, and what’s better than making a short film? This year, our festival theme is ‘Spark’, a concept that we hope will ignite your imagination and storytelling prowess. We are thrilled by the community’s response and the enthusiasm already shown. It’s a call to action for all young filmmakers to bring their unique stories to life.

Join the Festival and Share Your Story

We are eagerly awaiting the array of stories that your creativity will unfold. Remember, the art of filmmaking is about bringing visions to life and sharing your unique perspective with the world. So grab your camera or phone, gather your ideas, and join us in celebrating the art of short films.

The Very Short Film Festival is more than just an event; it’s a community, a platform for expression, and a celebration of emerging talent. We encourage you to watch our trailer, get inspired, and participate.

Enjoy the trailer, and we can’t wait to see what you create!