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Very Short Film Festival launch Mentoring Program

VSFF 2023 launch event with Essie Davis and Marta Dusseldorp

[TASMANIA, 20 July 2023] – The Very Short Film Festival is proud to announce the launch of its Mentoring Program aimed at nurturing the talent of emerging Tasmanian filmmakers. This initiative is supported by Screen Tasmania, funded through their Industry Development Program and by Artology, an independent Arts non-profit organisation. 

With the vision of fostering the next generation of bold filmmakers in the Australian film industry, the Very Short Film Festival aims to identify and empower talented new artists through this Mentoring Program. Extensive research has revealed a gap in the current screen industry, particularly in providing tailored mentoring and workshop opportunities for young and emerging filmmakers. By connecting talented artists with experienced mentors, we believe in facilitating a transformative learning experience that can have a profound impact. 

We believe that bespoke mentoring models, which go beyond traditional tertiary or institutional training programs, have the potential to equip new artists with the necessary skills and confidence to create films that bring about positive social change.

The Mentoring Program pairs five promising filmmakers with established industry mentors for a six-month period. During this time, the mentees will receive invaluable support, engage in collaborative idea generation, gain industry insights, and navigate creative and professional obstacles. The ultimate goal is to inspire a new generation of bold and visionary filmmakers in the Australian film industry.

We are thrilled to announce the program’s esteemed mentors include: Ben Latham-Jones, international producer; David Balfour, film industry professional and educator; Marta Dusseldorp, renowned Australian actor and producer; Martin McGrath, award-winning cinematographer; and Rocco Fazzari, artist and animator. Each mentor has been matched to work individually with the following mentees: Alison Stanton-Cook with Marta Dusseldorp; Bree Sanders with Rocco Fazzari; Caitlin Berwick with David Balfour; Conor Castles Lynch with Ben Latham-Jones and Ursula Woods with Charles McGrath.

Through this Mentoring Program, the Very Short Film Festival aspires to provide these emerging filmmakers with the necessary guidance and resources to make a significant impact in the Australian film industry. By investing in their artistic journeys, we aim to cultivate a vibrant and innovative film community.

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