Very Short Film Festival 2024 Signature Challenge

The countdown has begun for the 2024 Very Short Film Festival! As our vibrant community of filmmakers and film enthusiasts continues to flourish, we’re extending an exclusive invitation to YOU to shape the festival’s identity by crafting the signature for the VSFF 2024 official competition.

Curious about this "2024 signature"? 

Think of it as a creative touch that every filmmaker participating in the festival will incorporate into their short films. While the films can tell any story, the signature serves as a unifying thread, ensuring that everyone has the same timeframe to work within. Whether it’s a visual element, a clever metaphor, or a captivating line of dialogue.

Igniting Imaginations everywhere 

The goal is to create something that resonates with everyone – both the young and the seasoned, the aspiring newcomers and the industry veterans. Think of an idea that sparks the imagination of creative minds across the country…  

Here's how it works

You have until September 18th to submit your idea, and you can only send in one, so be sure to choose one that truly resonates with you. Our VSFF Team will review all submissions, and who knows, you might just be the maestro behind the 2024 signature.

Share the news

Spread the word! Share this exciting challenge with your fellow creative folk and let them in on the opportunity to contribute to the festival.

The deadline for submitting your signature is September 18th, so get your creative juices flowing.