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Very Short Film Festival demands your talent!



Very Short = 2 to 5 mins Film = anything digital Festival = red carpet, red wine, famous you https://youtu.be/rnhUO4Al2nI The Very Short Film Festival is a national competition that has sprung out of our current world, and is open to anyone who’s ready to tell a story. There are no real rules of what that story might be or how it’s told – that’s purely up to you. The only stipulation is that ‘Tasmania’ needs to sneak in somewhere. Cash prizes are awarded in two categories – 21 years of age and under; 22 years and over. On top of that, the Very Short Film Festival will be holding Q&A sessions and masterclasses, and offering a number of mentorships. The mentors and judges are award-winning actress Marta Dusseldorp who has worked extensively in theatre, film and television; artist Rocco Fazzari, well-known for his cartoons and illustrations in the Fairfax press; writer and editor Leta Keens; and Leah Purcell, one of Australia’s most eminent cultural figures. https://youtu.be/rnhUO4Al2nI The deadline for submissions is on 23 April. Shortlisted entries can be viewed online at our media sponsor Guardian Australia, leading up to the announcement of winners via a live-streamed event at Spring Bay Mill on 21 May. ‘The ability to tell a story in two to five minutes is incredibly difficult, but not impossible,’ says actress and judge Marta Dusseldorp. ‘Like 2020, this is a time to discover another way to look at things. The world, the tiny moments that make us human, that connect us. So now is the time to grab your phone or your “old fashioned” camera, your mother or your best friend, and share with us your story, as you want to tell it. We dare you.’ Very Short Film Festival Submission deadline: 23 April 2021 Masterclasses, Q&A sessions: Dates to be confirmed Announcement of winning films: 21 May 2021 For more details, visit veryshortfilmfestival.com.au Further information contact Philippa Horn on p: 0411 606 077 / e: philippa@artology.org.au Contact us: (02) 8007 7322, info@veryshortfilmfestival.com.au Presented by: ArtologySpring Bay MillGuardian Australia