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Reliving the Magic: Very Short Film Festival Premiere Event Captivates Audiences

The 3rd annual Very Short Film Festival kicked off with a bang at Spring Bay Mill in Triabunna, Tasmania. The event, held on Friday, May 26, 2023, showcased an array of captivating films, delicious local food, and an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. From the delicious local dishes served by food trucks by the sea to the cozy fire pits that created the perfect ambiance, it was a night to remember. The festival’s main attraction was the screening of the Very Short Film Festival finalists’ works. These talented filmmakers displayed their creativity and storytelling prowess, leaving the audience in awe. The prestigious Dorothy awards, honoured the exceptional talent showcased at the event. The Ambassadors – Australian film legends Justin Kurzel and Marta Dusseldorp, and judges and mentors – Essie Davis, Bain Stewart, Ben Latham-Jones, David Bain, Leah Purcell, Leta Keens, Nell Greenwood and Rocco Fazzari, all played a significant role in recognising and supporting these emerging talents. The festival also featured a special screening of the award-winning film “An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It,” a mesmerising 2023 Oscar-nominated short animation by the Australian filmmaker, Lachlan Pendragon. The excitement continues for those who missed the live event. They can now relive the experience through a captivating collection of photos that perfectly capture the essence and spirit of the Very Short Film Festival Premiere Event. Additionally, a replay of the live streaming is available, allowing viewers to witness the films as they were presented and see the deserving winners receive their Dorothy awards. The Very Short Film Festival Premiere Event was a resounding success, bringing together talented filmmakers, passionate audiences, and industry professionals. The festival’s celebration of creativity and storytelling left a lasting impression on all who attended or experienced it remotely. As the festival continues, audiences eagerly await the announcement of the People’s Choice Award, where they can cast their votes and make their voices heard. The Very Short Film Festival showcases the power of storytelling in its most concise and impactful form, leaving audiences captivated and inspired. Stay tuned for more remarkable moments as the festival progresses and new voices in filmmaking emerge. 

Enjoy more event highlights from the photo gallery and watch the event replay.