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Ben Latham-Jones

Very Short Film Festival judge, Ben Latham-Jones

Ben has produced films including NINA; Zoe Saldana, David Oyelowo, THE D-TRAIN;  Jack Black, James Marsden, KIDS IN LOVE; Will Poulter, Alma Jodorowsky, Cara  Delevingne and JULIE TAYMOR’S A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM shot as a Cinematic  Theatrical event in New York and the first film of its kind the academy made eligible to be  nominated for an Academy Award. He developed and is an Executive Producer on the  MAIGRET films staring Rowan Atkinson for ITV/BBC Worldwide. He was the co-owner and  Head of Ealing Studios from 2012 to 2016 orchestrating Ealing’s successful move into  television and their return to full-time film production with four feature films in his first two  years. He retains various Ealing Studios companies and assets which he independently  manages.  Prior to this he worked extensively as a Creative Director for Twentieth Century Fox and  Fox Searchlight on many films including WALK THE LINE, SIDEWAYS, LITTLE MISS  SUNSHINE, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, DE-LOVELY, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, ICE  AGE 2 & 3 and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA to name just a few. Ben also co-created and  produced SQUARE MAP OF Q4 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London with Marius de Vries  and Rafael Bonachela, CHINA-TOWN a film starring Rick Yune directed by Mike Figgis  and a short film for His Holiness the Dalai Lama featuring Tilda Swinton, Marina Abramović and William Dafoe.  He is a long time advocate for HIV/Aids awareness. He has served as an Ambassador for  MTV’s STAYING ALIVE FOUNDATION and sat on the THEATRECARES board in London  for eight years. Ben consults for numerous political leaders and International figures, and  has travelled extensively across Africa for the UNITED NATIONS and the  INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS producing a film which was later presented at the UNITED  NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY in New York.   Ben is currently working with Robert Wilson on a feature starring Isabelle Huppert and with Bruce Beresford and Nobel laureate JM Coetzee on the film adaptation of Boyhood.