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Drumroll, please… And the 2024 Dorothy’s go to 🌟

VSFF 2024 Winners and Judges

The VSFF premiere screening event at the State Cinema was truly a night to remember, showcasing the incredible talent of filmmakers from across the country.

We are excited to announce the winners of this year’s official competition, each film a testament to the extraordinary skills and unique perspectives of its creator.

Here are the winners in the Open category:

🥇 Kea Gargiulo for “Shkëndijë” – First Place

🥈Grace Quealy for “The Something” – Second Place

🥉 Jane Hamilton-Foster for “Loop” – Third Place

Runners up: Ella Demarchi for “Remember Me”; Kaelyn Ward for “Uprooted” ; Kylie Skinner for “Formal Take Two” and Tak & Tomoko Koyama for “Steamed Egg Custards”.

In our Junior Category, the winners are:

🥇Ruby & Stella Kurzel for “JACHELT”⁠ – First place

🥈Hayden Best for “Kinetic Connection”⁠ – Second Place

🥉 Adi Bocman & Asher Vogel for “Amor Fati”⁠ – Third place

Runners up: Aquinnah McKendrick, Daisy Belle Adams, Billie Chatto for “Fourteen”⁠; Jake McCormack for “Change – A True Story”

Additionally, the Audience Award, chosen by our VSFF attendees, goes to:

🌟 Kea Gargiulo for “Shkëndijë”

The calibre of films in the finalist selection was absolutely outstanding, reflecting the remarkable talent of filmmakers from all across the country. Each film offered a unique perspective, leaving a lasting impact on both the judges and the audience.

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional filmmakers and in continuing to support the growth of emerging Australian talent in the film industry. All participants are winners in their own right, making the competition’s decision always challenging. We celebrate the hard work, creativity, and dedication of all involved.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you at future screenings —next stop, Newcastle!